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What Are the Different Types of Magnesium?

What Are the Different Types of Magnesium?
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Magnesium is an essential mineral that our bodies need to support many physiological functions, as well as supporting bone health and bone mineralisation.* Playing a vital role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, magnesium is a crucial nutrient our body needs, yet doesn’t produce by itself.

Did you know that there are different types of magnesium?

While there are many different types of magnesium, we’ve put together a guide on the main types of magnesium you might find in your multivitamin supplements. Discover everything you need to know about magnesium, from what it is to how magnesium can benefit your overall health and wellbeing.

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient that helps to maintain and support many functions of the body. Known to support over 300 biochemical reactions, it will be hard to list all the benefits of magnesium in one article! To name a few, magnesium can help to support:

  • Protein synthesis
  • Blood pressure
  • Muscle function
  • Immune system function
  • Energy Production
  • Brain function
  • Healthy bones

What Are the Main Types of Magnesium?

We’ve highlighted a few common types of magnesium that can be found in your vitamins and supplements with some surprising benefits!

1. Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium aspartate is a magnesium salt, formed by combining magnesium with the amino acid, aspartic acid.

Magnesium aspartate is considered a non-essential amino acid but is highly bioavailable. This means that the body can absorb and reap the benefits of magnesium with ease.

2. Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide is one of the most common types of magnesium found in supplements. It’s responsible for supporting energy metabolism and is critical for enzyme function.*

3. Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is another common type of magnesium that you’ll find in your vitamins and supplements. Magnesium citrate is the perfect choice thanks to its bioavailability and absorption, which is important for regulating calcium transport between cells.* Magnesium citrate also helps to support a relaxed mood and can help with occasional anxiety relief.*

Which Form of Magnesium is the Most Absorbable?

All types of magnesium will differ in bioavailability, which refers to how easy it can be absorbed by the body. The most bioavailable forms of magnesium that often feature in magnesium supplements and multivitamins are magnesium glycinate and magnesium citrate, closely followed by magnesium aspartate and magnesium chloride. All of these forms of magnesium are chelated, meaning that the mineral has been bound to an organic or amino acid.

How to Get Magnesium into Your Diet

In order to maintain optimal health, it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting enough magnesium through your diet or by taking a multivitamin that contains magnesium. To help you get started, discover what foods have magnesium and add them to your diet:

Foods Rich in Magnesium

  • Seeds, including pumpkin, flax and chia seeds
  • Nuts, including almonds, Brazil, cashew and peanuts
  • Spinach
  • Avocados
  • Dark chocolate
  • Tofu
  • Whole grains

Multivitamin Supplements with Magnesium

It’s pretty common to find the types of magnesium we’ve listed in multivitamin supplements, providing you with a quick and convenient way to ensure you’re getting enough magnesium, while also boosting your overall nutrient intake.

At Puritan’s Pride, we have a selection of multivitamins that have been designed to support your nutritional needs.

Our Mega Vit-Min combines over 30 high-quality vitamins, minerals and herbs to create a specialised formula for maturing adults. Reap the benefits of a timed-release multivitamin, containing 50mg magnesium oxide per serving to support normal psychological function.*

If you’re not a fan of taking tablets, our Adult Multivitamin Gummies are the perfect option. Available in delicious orange, cherry and grape flavours, these gummy vitamins contain a blend of essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, and D, alongside magnesium citrate, to help support the immune system, healthy bones and muscles, as well as eye health and skin health.*

We also have a tailored multivitamin to support men’s health needs. One Daily Men’s Multivitamin Tablets provide men with a targeted formula that contains key ingredients to support their health, such as selenium, thiamine, as well as 140mg of magnesium oxide per serving.

Shop multivitamins at Puritan’s Pride today!

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